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DAPF 4.0 - Digital Academy Care 4.0

Digital Academy Care 4.0 - DAPF 4.0: Digital skills for generalist nursing education and trainin

Currently, three main transformation processes are taking place in nursing training that influence the future of educational training and occupational practice of care professionals. Firstly and since January 1st, 2020 the training courses for geriatric, health and infant care, based on the Act on the Reform of the Care Professions, were combined and reformed to form a generalist care education. The first start of apprenticeship training started on April 1st, 2020. The goal of this reform is to standardise the curriculum and restructure it on the basis of key qualifications and key competencies. The care profession is thus to be adapted to the new professional challenges and associated skills are to be imparted within the education of future care professionals. Secondly, the current “digitalisation push” in education requires that teaching and acquisition of digital media skills will be increasingly integrated into care apprenticeship and care didactics. Thirdly, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic leads to numerous pressures as well as opportunities to develop and implement more digital teaching offerings in nursing schools at present and in the near future.

The joint project "Digital Academy Care 4.0",  funded by The Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany, pursues the goal of enabling teachers, practical instructors and student caregivers nationwide to create digital teaching and learning scenarios for generalist care apprenticeship, thus enabling individualised learning and the development of digital media competence in view of future requirements. This addresses in particular the heterogeneity of learners (e.g. in terms of education, age, gender) and of teachers (e.g. in terms of digital literacy). These target groups are included as a "community of practice" in the participatory development of online tools for blended learning concepts. Currently, the heterogeneity of teachers and learners has increased in the new generalist care apprenticeship, since different teaching/learning groups teach together and the conditions of practical training vary more (e.g. with regard to outpatient care, inpatient acute and long-term care). Consequently, changes in the learning culture in care apprenticeship are taking place in order to take into account the needs of nursing students* and teachers. The joint project is developing an "On the Job" coaching offer for these transformation processes and will make it available over a period of three years. In this way, teachers in care apprenticeship will be supported in acquiring skills for the handling and use of digital technologies and tools. In order to consolidate the project results and disseminate them throughout Germany, the online platform "Digital Academy Care 4.0" will be set up during the project.

The sub-project of DAPF 4.0 at the Technical University of Berlin conducts a participatory evaluation of digital competences in nursing didactics. By that the project partners are provided with a continuous, consultative, participatory and social science-based accompanying research and its results. On the basis of stock and demand analyses as well as interviews and groups discussions, the TU Berlin sub-project ensures that the heterogeneity of learners and teachers is taken into account in the development of digital teaching and learning scenarios.

Joint projects and sub-projects:

The Women's Computer Centre Berlin e.V. (FrauenComputerZentrumBerlin FCZB e.V.) (Coordination and contact: Judith Engelke, www.fczb.de) is responsible for the overall coordinating tasks of the joint project and offers coaching services for specific target groups. The Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin) (Prof. Dr. Heike Wiesner) is developing the open transfer platform "Digital Academy Care 4.0". In the Berlin-Potsdam metropolitan region, the nursing schools "Gesundheitscampus Potsdam der Gesundheitsakademie Potsdam gGmbH" (headed by Christel Bäßler) and the "Wannseeschulen für Gesundheitsberufe e.V. - Pflegeschulen" (headed by Anna Schlicht) are involved in the DAPF 4.0 project as partners in the network. The sub-project at the TU Berlin (Prof. Dr. Petra Lucht) is conducting a participatory accompanying study on digital competences in nursing didactics and is thus providing advisory, participatory support for the network partners.


Financial support:

The joint project DAPF 4.0 - Digital Academy care 4.0: Digital skills for generalist nursing education and training is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the funding line "Digital Media in Vocational Training in the Health Professions (DigiMed)" (05/2020-04/2023) (FKZ: 01PG20004, FKZ sub-project of the TU Berlin: 01PG20004C).


Project management and coordination of subproject TU Berlin: Prof. Dr. Petra Lucht, petra.lucht(at)tu-berlin.de

Department of Gender in MINT and Planning / Feminist Studies in Science, Technology and Society, Center for Interdisciplinary Women's and Gender Studies, Fac. I Humanities and Education Sciences, TU Berlin

Associated project collaboration, TU Berlin: Dr. Sahra Dornick

Student assistant: N.N.

Project implementation and contact: Sandra Tausch, sandra.tausch(at)tu-berlin.de



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